Video Production

At High Spot Media, our specialty is video production. We offer a wide variety of video services for marketing and live events. We will work closely with you to produce your video from beginning to end, bringing your vision to the forefront.  Below, you'll find information and links to a sampling of some of our recent work. Pricing for our various services can be acquired by reaching out to us, via our Contact page, or sending an inquiry directly to

Corporate Video


Video is more important to the success of your business than ever before. Video has been proven as the leading contributor in brand awareness, natural lead generation, and audience engagement.

Let us help you produce video content that can entice and excite new customers, generate fan loyalty, or simply help your team grow from the inside.

Live Events


Have a Live event you need covered? We can make sure those special moments get recorded with the highest quality video and audio.

Weddings, theatrical productions, concerts, conference speakers, etc. We'll cover your event from start to finish, giving you something to look back on and still feel like you're there!